New Orleans Black History Bus Tour #HBT-18

Today, the City of New Orleans, built by 50 different African nations, is 304 years old. The struggle for complete liberation by people of African descent has always been abreast, especially after the founding of New Orleans in 1718. 

The tour acquaints you with an overview of greater Black New Orleans today. We highlight and showcase the life and struggle of the people. The attractions include workplaces, schools, universities, neighborhoods, artists, music and cuisine.

See the Homer A. Plessy marker-site, where Plessy resisted and was arrested for defying state law that segregated railroad trains based on race in 1892 that led to the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision of ‘separate but equal’; the Tate-Etienne-Prevost Interpretive Center (TEP), where three (3) Black six-year-old girls, Leona Tate, Gail Etienne, Tessie Prevost (along with Ruby Bridges at another school) fought for the right to attend an all-white public school; visit Central City where Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Peoples’ Defense League, Student National Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality, Free Southern Theater were once headquartered; see Dillard, Xavier, and Southern University in New Orleans, as well as learn about the struggles today.  

Length of tour: 4 hours with about 25 sights and stops.  

Adults - $160/person  

Children (7-12) $80/person 

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