Grades 5 - 8

Title 28 EDUCATION Part CXXI. Bulletin 1964 – Louisiana Content Standards,

Benchmarks, and Grade Level Expectations for Social Studies. Chapter 9. History: Strand Four, page 10.

As students in grades 5 - 8 extend their knowledge with:

1.  Historical Thinking Skills  

a.  Describing chronological relationships and patterns  

b.  Demonstrating historical perspective through the political, social and economic context in which an event or idea occurred.  

c.  Analyzing the impact that specific individuals, ideas, events, and decisions had on the course of history.  

d.  Analyzing historical data using primary and secondary sources  

e.  Identifying issues and problems from the past and evaluating alternative courses of action.  

f.  Conducting research in an effort to answer historical questions. 

2.  Louisiana History  

a.  Describing the contributions of people, events, movements, and ideas that have been significant in the history of Louisiana.  

b.  Tracing the development of the various governments that have been established in Louisiana throughout its history. 

c.  Identifying and discussing the major conflicts in Louisiana’s past.