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No tours are conducted on Mondays or during Mardi Gras week 

New Orleans Black History Bus Tour 

Today, the City of New Orleans, built by 50 different African nations, is 298 years old. The struggle for complete liberation by people of African descent has always been abreast, especially after the founding of New Orleans in 1718. 

The tour acquaints you with an overview of greater Black New Orleans today. We highlight and showcase the life and struggle of the people. The attractions include workplaces, schools, universities, neighborhoods, artists, music and cuisine.

See the Homer A. Plessy marker-site, Dillard University, Ellis Marsalis Musical Center, Hurricane Katrina-devastated lower ninth ward, former John McDonogh #19 & William Frantz Schools where Leona Tate, Gail Etienne Stripling, Tessie Prevost Williams and Ruby Bridges sought the right to attend a public school; visit Central City where Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Peoples' Defense League, Student National Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality, Free Southern Theater were once headquartered, as well as learn about the struggles today.  

Length of tour: 4 hours with about 25 site and stops.  
Adults - $70/person  
Children (6-12) $35/person 
Contact us for scheduling at web@hiddenhistory.us  

1811 Slave Revolt Bus Tour 
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One of the most suppressed and hidden stories of African and African American history is the story of the 1811 Slave Revolt. This was the largest slave revolt in the United States and the least known.  

You may be familiar with Nat Turner or Denmark Vesey, but few are knowledgeable about Charles Deslonde, the leader of the 1811 Slave Revolt. Deslonde and his lieutenants were brilliant people. Like in Haiti, their aim was to abolish slavery and establish a free republic to be governed by former enslaved people. They almost succeeded.

The tour enlightens visitors on how Deslonde’s rebels carried out the revolt. Visit some of the locations where the slave rebels fought the U.S. troops and militia and other locations related to the revolt. Learn what happened. Discover the gains made and the foundation laid for further revolts.

A descendant of the rebels will escort you to numerous stops where significant actions occurred. History will come alive. This is an educational adventure you do not want to miss! 

Length of tour: 4 hours with about 15 sites and stops. 
Adults - $70/person 
Children (6-12) $35/person 
To schedule contact us at web@hiddenhistory.us  

The Grand Tour 

The Grand Tour acquaints you with an overview of the struggle between the 'haves', 'have-nots', and 'not-supposed-to-have' since the founding of New Orleans in 1718.  

Built by 50 different African nations, New Orleans is 297 years old. The tour highlights the period of French and Spanish rule, the Catholic Church as slave trader, the struggle for power by the Black Reconstruction government and its white allies, the counterrevolution during Reconstruction, the 1892 General Strike, the civil rights struggle and the struggle for self-determination today. 

Length of tour: 6 hours with about 65 sites and stops.  
Adults - $120/person  
Children (6 – 12) $60/person  
Contact us for scheduling at web@hiddenhistory.us