Tours start in front of Cayenne Gallery at 702 Decatur Street map
next door to Cafe du Monde opposite of Jackson Square. 
No tours are conducted on Mondays 

1811 Slave Revolt  

The spirit of self-sacrifice for the cause of freedom and democracy has always been present in the history of the African American people. Nothing typifies this quality more than the mighty revolt of the African slaves that took place in 1811 in St. John the Baptist, St. Charles and Orleans parishes of Louisiana. The tour acquaints you with the targets of the revolt in the French Quarter.  

class tour

Adults - $30 
Children (6-12) $15  
Tour Schedule - 10:00 a.m.
Length: 1.5 hrs with 12 – 15 site stops  

African Life in the French Quarter 

The tour highlights the struggles of the African and the African American for complete emancipation from colonial times to today. The tour acquaints you with the slave commerce of the city, the role of the Catholic Church, the resistance of the enslaved, the site of the first daily Black newspaper in the country, the radical New Orleans Tribune. With determination, militant leadership and proper organization, Africans and African Americans always endured and made gains.  

Adults - $30 
Children (6-12) $15  
Tour Schedule - 1:00 p.m.
Length: 2 hrs with 14 – 17 site stops