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1811 Slave Revolt

Tour# HBT-12 (Bus Tour)

One of the most suppressed and hidden stories of African and African American History is the story of the 1811 Slave Revolt. The largest slave revolt in the United States involving over 500 people. 

The tour acquaints you with the conditions of the enslaved African in Louisiana. Conditions of the enslaved African were wretched, barbaric, and super-exploitative. Resistance grew out of the very nature of this class society such that it would take a war to destroy it.

Visit the area some 35 miles from New Orleans, where slaves led by Deslondes and his comrades overwhelmed their oppressors on the Andry plantation and marched to New Orleans. 

Trace the path followed by the growing numbers of slaves as they moved from plantation to plantation on the East Bank of the Mississippi River, traversing about 25 miles (the distance between the present day towns of LaPlace and Kenner). 

Visit some of the sites where the slave rebels fought the U.S. troops and militia and other locations related to the revolt.