African Life in the French Quarter Walking Tour - #HWT-14 
Tuesday, April 17th from 9am-11am

The tour highlights the struggles of the African and the African American for complete emancipation from
French and Spanish colonial rule, the role of the Catholic Church as slave trader, the forms of resistance, the first Black daily newspaper, the revolutionary New Orleans Tribune, the counterrevolution period of Reconstruction and the struggles today, that include the removal of the white supremacist monuments and symbols. 

Tour consists of 14-17 sites & stops and is about 2 hours. Begins and ends in the French Quarter.

Price: $30/person + 9% sales tax. Booking deadline: Tuesday, April 11th. 

The Struggle Against Environmental Polluters - #HBT-25 
Friday, April 20th from 9am-1pm 

The riding tour travels along the Mississippi River, popularly known as Cancer Alley, where scores of
industrial polluters use the river as their ‘toilet’ in the extracting of wealth derived from the labor of the workers and the marketing of chemical, petroleum, industrial products. The tour explains the source of the people’s economic and political problems and the role the state plays in the protection of the industrial polluters. We visit various plants along the river and share the struggles of the people against the polluters. 

Tour includes 10 sites and stops and is about 4 hours long. Beverages and snacks are included, and participants will be picked up from the Ace Hotel New Orleans at 8:30am and will be dropped off at the Ace Hotel at the conclusion of the tour. 

Price: $60/person + 9% sales tax.
Note: Minimum of 10 participants reserved by April 16th. 

New Orleans Black History City Tour - #HBT-18 
Friday, April 20th from 9am-1pm 

The riding tour will acquaint the guests with significant points of interest in the fight for freedom and liberation. There will be about 25 sites and stops including 3 photo stops. The attractions include workplaces, schools, universities, neighborhoods, artists, music and quisine. This will include the Homer A. Plessy Marker-Site where Plessy resisted and was arrested for defying Louisiana’s state law that segregated railroad trains based on race, which led to the ‘separate but equal’ law of the land; the former John McDonogh #19 Elementary School and William Frantz Elementary School where 4 six-year- old Black girls: Leona Tate, Gail Etienne Stripling, Tessie Prevost Williams and Ruby Bridges sought to acquire a public education in November 1960; the lower ninth ward where Hurricane Katrina and Rita devastated the area, Central City where progressive and militant-radical organizations, like Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Peoples’ Defense League, Student National Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality, and Free Southern Theater were once headquartered, as well as, the struggles today. 

Tour is about 4 hours long. Beverages and snacks are included, and participants will be picked up from the Ace Hotel New Orleans at 8:30am and will be dropped off at the Ace Hotel at the conclusion of the tour. 

Price of tour is $60/person + 9% sales tax.
Note: Minimum of 10 participants reserved by April 16th.