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February 7th - 9th, 2014
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Linda Hill, 
Southern University at New Orleans Center for African and African American Studies 


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Sun. February 9, 2014

Louisiana Reconstruction Tour 

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2336 Esplanade Ave.
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406 Charles Street
Donaldsonville, LA




The Louisiana Public History Forum (LPHF) is an alliance of organizations and individuals that develops educational programs to engage scholars, teachers, students, citizens, and the public in discussions about the history of Slavery, Freedom, and Resistance.



The LPHF's Louisiana Reconstruction Conference is the first in a series of public programs designed by the Forum to educate the public about the people, events and landmarks associated with the era known as Reconstruction. 

The period of Reconstruction in Louisiana began immediately following Emancipation in 1865 and ended with the last Black Louisiana legislator holding office in 1895. 

The conference will dispel the myths surrounding this thirty-year period of history and advance the public's knowledge about the advancements and contributions of people of African descent during this time.

Louisiana Public History Forum Committee Members:

Linda Hill, 
Program Host Committee Chair

Leon A. Waters,

Kathe Hambrick Jackson,
Co- Chairperson

Beryl F. Hunter, 
Recording Secretary

Latoya Devezin, 
At-Large Member

Jari Honora, 
At-Large Member

Beverly McKenna, At-Large Member

Dr. George Amedee
Dr. Alan Colon
Dr. Thomas Durant
Dr. Don Hernandez
Dr. Laura Rouzan

Friday, February 7, 2014  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
George & Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art
2003 Carondelet Street,  New Orleans, LA

Opening Reception:
Music by Silk and Satin

Awards Ceremony Honoring:
Dr. Charles Vincent is a professor of History at Southern University and A & M College. He earned the Ph. D. in history from Louisiana State University. He is the author of Black Legislators in Louisiana During Reconstruction; and A Centennial History of Southern University and A & M College, 1880-1980 and numerous articles in professional journals. 

Dr. Robert Perry is a descendant of America's first Black Mayor, Pierre "Caliste" Landry, Donaldsonville, Louisiana (1868).

Eddie Pinchback is a descendant of P.B.S. Pinchback, America's first Black Governor, Louisiana (1872).

Essay Contest Winners To Be Announced
To enter New Orleans Black History Month 2014 essay contest (7th - 12th grades) contact Latoya Devezin, New Orleans Public Library African American Resource Center click here

Play: "Not Unto Us"
A play in three acts about Black Reconstruction in New Orleans written by Clifford Graves in 1940. An adaptation produced by Artistic Director, Akeem Martin.

Saturday, February 8, 2014  8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Southern University New Orleans
Business Technology Building, Suite 100, Lake Campus
6801 Press Drive, New Orleans, LA
Seating limited. Register now!

Petition, Principle, and Protest:
Voting Rights and Black Male Suffrage

Raphael Cassimere, Ph. D.
Professor, Retired
University of New Orleans

The Startling Career of P. B. S. of Pinchback: Whirlwind Crusade
to Bring Equality to Reconstructed Louisiana

Nicholas Patler, M. A.
Author, Playwright, & Historian

The Role of the Black Press

Barbara Trevigne, M.S.W.
Author, Historian, & Genealogist

Pierre Caliste Landry: America's First Elected Black Mayor

Kathe Hambrick Jackson, M. A.
Founder & Executive Director
River Road African American Museum

Plessy vs. Ferguson and Committee of Citizens

Keith W. Medley 
Author & Historian

To Make Equality Real: The First African American Political Junket and the Question of Public Accommodation "Oscar Dunn"

Brian Mitchell, Ph. D.
Adjunct Professor History
University of Arkansas

Researching Adolphe Tureaud: Legislator from St. James Parish
Alexander P. Tureaud, Jr. Author

Leon A. Waters
Co-Founder & Board Chair
Louisiana Museum of African American History

The Dark Ages: Black Reconstruction in Louisiana, 1880-1895 

Emmitt Glynn, III, N. B. C. T.
History Teacher
Zachary Career and Technical Center

Turning Points: Advancements Made in Louisiana Education
Late 19th - Early 20th Century

Beryl F. Hunter, M. A. 
Elelyon Cultural Solutions 

African Americans and Land-Grant Institutions: Transcending the Shadows of Reconstruction

Ronald Dorris, Ph. D.
Xavier University New Orleans 

Beyond Title, Sashes, and Ribbons
African American Fraternal & Benevolent Societies in New Orleans

Jari Honora
Genealogist & English Instructor
St. Augustine High School